Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Grace of God

I am back in New Orleans chilling with my three favourite ladies in the whole wide world. Hanna and Sophia are nearing 10 pounds each and have grown so much over the past three weeks. Andrea looks like a supermodel and my jaw drops thinking about how deep and thick God's grace has been over us in this season. 

The past few weeks in Guatemala a bunch of my boys and I have been working hard in our house. Every time I ask if any of them want to help me, there are at least three that jump up and are ready to go paint, garden, clean, scale the walls and make me laugh; they have been amazing. They are so excited to meet the girls and feel like they are pitching in by getting the house ready for their little sisters. 

Yesterday, before leaving Guatemala, I also able to see three of my boys off to their first day of work. Thanks to a few local businesses, we were able to get them a job for the months of November and December. One of the boys gave me a hug before leaving and held on for just a few more seconds than normal. I remember my first day of work and feeling a little shaky embarking on one of the most significant steps towards independence and maturity. It was a little hard to say goodbye and I may have been 'that' parent who drove past the shop where one of them works place a few hours later,  just to get a quick glimpse of them. As I actually saw my little Daniel confiedntly strutting past the front door, I said a quick prayer asking that God would guard his heart and give him grace at work. Big steps in life, and I am glad to know they are never alone. 

Hanna and Sophia are doing great! I have started to see slight differences between them in the way they move, respond to stimuli and "ask" for things in their own baby kind of way. Coming back to them has been beautiful and picking them up in my arms again was like sipping on the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. All of these experiences really do make me thankful for God. I mean, what would this all be worth if there was no eternal perspective? How would I love any of these amazing people if I didn't know the one who created love? What peace would I have in any of these situations if I didn't trust in a sovereign God who always has the final word? I  know that following God never guarantees us any ease of passage or magic avoidance of difficult and painful situations. On the contrary, I know that following Him means we are to face the Hard stuff head on. But I have tasted His peace. I have experienced His grace. And there is no other place I would rather be. 

David McCormick

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