Friday, September 5, 2014

Plight of the Orphan; Heart of a Father

I think most missionaries would agree that our goal is to one day see the nationals raise up and fulfill the needs that plague their countries. In Guatemala, my biggest fight is to be an advocate for our children that have been abandoned and abused, and it is thrilling to see huge steps being taken towards raising awareness of the plight of the orphan; calling Guatemalans to reach out to those children in need.

Last week we had a large event put on by the Christian Alliance for Orphans ( in an effort to raise awareness and call Guatemalans to take practical steps to help out children in need. As a result of this event, there were 5 families that turned in their paperwork to adopt children. My heart was so full that day seeing people respond in brokenness and newfound convictions as they came to see more of God´s heart for the orphaned child. After the event I came home to my house full of 11 teenage boys, and I was filled with gratitude. Many Christians are at a place in their lives where they are becoming aware of a need and don´t know how to respond. Here I am with the privilege to be a father to 11 boys that have been abandoned, orphaned and forgotten.

In my heart I feel that God has taken me to a place where I legitimately see this kids as my own. I have heard people say ¨There is nothing like having your own kids¨, as and as that day is quickly approaching I am excitedly anticipating that feeling of holding my own beautiful girls in my arms for the first time. I know that there is nothing like it. Looking into eyes that were formed with my own blood and DNA. However, I would say this to those biological parents: there is nothing like adopting a child. Although these boys do not have my last name, I have truly adopted them in my heart and I consider them my family. When I go to the mall I am thinking about the current state of their shoes and if there are holes in their underwear. When I get a call from their school that one of them is sick or got into trouble, my heart completely sinks in my chest. When I wake them up each morning and turn the lights off in their rooms each night, my heart bares the responsibility that God has placed on me to be the kind of parent that he wants all His children to have. We are supposed to be an earthly representation of that Heavenly Father that He is to us. It is a huge responsibility.

I would encourage all of you, whether you have children or not to consider the ways in which God is calling you to represent Him here on this earth. What kind of a father are we portraying Him to be? Are we reaching out to those who don´t know the love of a father and BEING that for them? This whole following Christ is thing is not that easy, but every day when I come home to these boys, I love knowing that the way I have come to feel about them is a FRACTION of the way our heavenly Father feels about us. Some people say I am crazy for living this life with these boys, but I think God is even crazier for allowing us to call Him Father and even give His life for us. Let´s do the same.

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