Monday, September 1, 2014

March 2014

I hope you have all received the news that Andrea is pregnant, and with  twins no less. It was definitely a big surprise for us as neither of our families have history of twins, but we see it as a huge blessing that God has given us and which has been a source of so much joy throughout the past few weeks. 

Over the past month or so we have had so many kids return with their families; quite a bit more than normal actually. In any court hearing there is always a tense moment when the judge finally orders that the child return to Casa Bernabe or is to leave immediately with their family. As the child is not present when the decision is made, it is my job to tell the kids what that decision is. There are many more recent stories I could tell where this is a truly traumatic experience, but I wanted to tell you all about a little girl named Aida who was able to be reunited with her mother. 

After a small dispute with her mom, 10 year old Aida stumbled ran away from home and stumbled upon a few police officers who brought her to child services. That very night she was sent to Casa Bernabe where she was visited by her mom frequently. Her mom would call my cell phone at least once a week asking how her daughter was and often crying about the way things were tuning out. The day of her hearing, Aida and I drove down to the city; the entire way cracking her knuckles and fidgeting with the seat belt. She so very nervous as to what was to happen to her. As we walked into the court house she ran to hug her mom who started crying instantly upon seeing her daughter. The mom sells tortillas and her little daughter is the only family she has. These six months were so hard for both of them, so, when we finished the hearing and the judge decided to give the mom a second chance, I was able to tell Aida that she was going back with her mom that very moment. 

A few days later, they came to visit and pick up a few things, Aida dressed up in her traditional Guatemalan clothing with the biggest grin on her face. I was impacted by the beauty of this reunion and it caused me to reflect on what we do here. I was inspired to keep fighting for cases like these so that families can be reunited and so that all of our kids can have that kind of a smile.  As I walked back up to my house after taking the picture that I have attached and considered the 12 lives that God has placed in our hands I remembered so clearly that God has not called us to simply take care of some teenage boys, but to establish families where there are none. Although the majority of our kids will never be able to go back with their family, if that family even exists, I believe that they can find the same kind of joy that the little girl experienced, finding someone that is unconditionally in love with them, and ultimately reflecting the unswerving love that God has for them. We are to reestablish the parent-child relationships and watch the dry bones form flesh and come to life (like the spirit of reconciliation mentioned in Ezekiel 37 and Malachi 4:6). Hope is a truly inspiring thing, and I am thankful that God allows me to live in such a place where I can see genuine hope persevere and rise above. Please continue to pray for the kids here at the orphanage that God would fill them with a supernatural hope that transcends all adolescent hardships, abandonment, neglect, injustice  and abuse. We are called to a ministry of reconciliation which , I believe,  is exactly what the kingdom of God looks like. 

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