Monday, September 1, 2014

January 2014

Happy 2014!

Andrea and I stayed here at the orphanage for Christmas and New Years where were able to spend our first few days as house parents for the teenage boys. We have been blessed by a fairly smooth transition, and although there are adjustments we are making and lessons we are quickly learning about sharing a house with a dozen teenagers, we have experienced God's grace every single day. 

Last weekend one of our boys' amazing sponsors took our whole house to the beach for a few days which was an incredible way of spending our last few days before the dreaded first day of school! The boys officially started school on Monday morning meaning the new wake up time of 4:40 am, making lunches, getting school supplies in order, staring down pimples in the mirror and everything else that going to school implies for adolescent boys. After such an amazing trip to the beach, it has been nice to settle into a routine again with the boys and they have been excited to get to get out and socialize with their friends from school again. We have 7 boys going to different schools and 4 studying here at the orphanage school. We are still looking for sponsors for a few of our kids that have the opportunity to study off campus, so if you know of anyone wanting to help please let me know. 

In general, we have been very blessed as God has expand our family and continues to expand our hearts. It is the first time Andrea has had to be a mother and she is doing an amazing job. There are parts of her personality, gifts and character that I am discovering for the first time as she gracefully and respectfully interacts with those boys. I can honestly say that even in the three weeks we have been up there, I have seen huge changes in the way the boys act and I believe that having a respectable lady in the house is the reason why! Thank you for your prayers for us; we feel strengthened and supported and appreciate your prayers and love. God bless you all!

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