Monday, September 1, 2014

February 2014

Things have been busy for us with all our kids back into the school routine and with lots of court hearings lately. Yesterday I had to travel to a court that is five hours away and had to hand over a little girl that has been with us since she was a little baby. I am reminded that a huge part of our work down here is to be interceding for those kids that go back with their families as we often have no way of helping them out physically or emotionally anymore. 

I have been able to have lots of talks with the different boys in my house about how they are doing spiritually and emotionally, and I am reminded so frequently that being a teenager is just plain hard sometimes. There are days that everything seems to be great in the world and other times it is just the opposite. I would ask you to continue to pray for these 12 boys that we have right now and that in the midst of these turbulent years that they could come to find a deep sense of peace and a true faith in who God is. They have so many questions and doubts which they are very good at expressing, and many times I am encouraged that they are thinking about very profound things and establishing their own value and belief system that will lead them for the rests of their lives. As I listen to them and ask them questions I also ask God that His truth could break through any confusion or deception and penetrate the deepest parts of their hearts and minds. 

Two of the boys in my house, who are brothers, found out recently that their biological father passed away. He was an alcoholic and never had a good relationship with them, but I would ask that you pray for Rudy and Carlos as they have questions that may never be answered and feel a little confused. Thankfully, they are both doing really well and talking about it, however I am praying for peace in their hearts and for comfort and clarity in their minds. 

Thank for your continued prayer and support. Andrea and I have been facing different struggles in life but we are grateful for your love and support. God's grace continues to be enough and is the power that strengthens us and causes us to continue. If you would like to help us out financially or help support the boys in our house, please check out the website Thanks!

David McCormick

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