Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014

I hope you all had an amazing summer. These months sure do fly by here at the orphanage as we have a busy season of groups coming down to visit. Also, it has been a busy time of changes as we approach our due date for a two little girls that are nearly here! Andrea is now in New Orleans and I will be joining her in the next few weeks to be there for the birth. 

We are finishing up our last few months as house parents as we will be moving out of the house once we come back with the girls. The boys have been very supportive and we are all excited about having this new addition to our family. I have had many talks recently with different boys in our house, and one of the most satisfying things is that there are a few of them who have genuinely come to see Andrea and I as their parents. Just last week, I went to one of their schools to pick them up from tutoring class, and one of the boys presented me to his friends. He just said "this is my dad" and when his friends looked a little puzzled he replied, "Well, I'm adopted of course." For me, it is a testimony of God's heart of restoring things that were deemed as lost and broken. I also see it as a parallel of how God came to adopt us as His sons and daughters and now have full access to all the He is as a part of His family. I am confident that God will use these boys in mighty ways in the future to help many people and share the good news of what God has done. 

On another note, A few weeks ago we were able to finally purchase a house that we have been eyeing over the past few years. It is exactly one kilometer from the orphanage (just over half a mile). The house needs some repairs such as new flooring in the living and dining rooms, fixing the roof and a few other odd jobs, so with all the repairs we are hoping to move in by January. Additionally, we are currently raising funds to build a suite on the second floor of the house so that we can continue to help out children from the orphanage in the future, more specifically thinking about these boys we have been taking care of that will soon be turning 18. Although we are very excited about this new step in our journey, we know that acquiring this house is part of God's master plan to show himself to more people and to help those in need. 

We would appreciate your prayers as we continue in this season of transition and for Andrea and company's health! She is doing really well and I am excited to go see her and then meet our two little girls!

If you would like information on how to help us out financially, please email me directly or make a tax deductible donation at specifying the funds in the notes section for the "McCormick family". 

God bless!

David McCormick

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